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I had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of Mussi's demo today. I left the room with confidence and in tears. She was able to pass on a message that was much needed; a message I have been searching to find for years. The message she had given me was only one that could have been passed on from my loved ones who have crossed over. With not asking any personal questions and having me only respond with yes, no, or maybe, she was spot on. One of my biggest problems at the moment was discussed, which calmed me knowing that I am watched over every day, and that I am loved. It's a very uplifting and amazing experience. I cannot thank her enough for such kindness. This is one moment I will always remember. Thank you, Mussi, for giving me such an amazing gift.

Mary Southern California, USA

Mussi is an incredibly positive person. When you have a reading with her, she makes you feel really good about yourself. During my reading, I didn't quite connect with what she was saying. Some of it was exact. Other parts, I wasn't so sure about. A month or so later the things I wasn't so sure about started to happen. EVERYTHING MussiLady said in my reading was exactly right! She knew it before I did. I am very excited to have another reading with MussiLady!

Kathy Ireland

I can highly recommend Mussi for having a reading with. one word AMAZING. my head is still in a spin how spot on she was and still I find what she told me coming through. I def will be getting another reading  thank you so much Mussi and keep up the great work  xx

Mussi is so awesome it's scary. She knows things no one else would know. and that's in Demo. In her room I have seen spirit orbs and outlines of spirits, What can I say she knows me better than I know myself. I trust her completely,. she is one of the kindest people I have met on this site. 5 stars
Love you Mussi love & light dcheadhunter

Completely blew me away with her accuracy. One about my option to go to Japan/China/Tokyo. I am still deciding but now I know it is where I am headed to. Picked out my business so correctly I was shocked. Uplifting, comedic and sarcastic all rolled into one. She is amazing. James M

If you need a healing or to be conforted, Mussi is the girl, She is so kind/considerate. Thank you Mussi! Xo Candice

Mussilady has been a great help to me over the years. she can focus on you very quickly and connect. she has been dead on with my readings. she helps you to get where you need to be. she is a very sweet lady and is honest . if you need help, have a reading with Mussilady. thanks Mussi  from Blueladysue ,Nova Scotia Canada

I have had several readings with Mussi.  She has connected with both my husband and my grandmother.  The information about both has been spot on.  The messages that she gives from loved ones is amazing, comforting and always timely.  There has been times when I'm down and out and she brings my husband in to tell me he is right beside me,  loves and he is there helping me still.  Mussi is a loving kind soul.  She has given me tons of insight and information, healing and how to ground and protect.  I would highly recommend Mussi for readings, valuable information and insight. Kimmyd

Mussilady is very highly respected born Psychic,Clairvoyant, Medium. She is an amazing, kindly, bubbley, truthful lady and very accurate on everything Mussilady tells you what is given to her from loved ones who have passed. Mussilady is number 1 in my book for giving me claireity and for making me feel comfortable while having my reading done, I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a reading done. Mussilady looking forward to my next reading xxx  Lafedel

Mussilady Medium is one of the best channeling Mediums I have ever had the pleasure to have a reading with. She taps deeply into things that are going on in your life and things from the past to bring forward messages from loved ones on the heavenly side. She is truly a very gifted reader and I would highly recommend Mussilady for a reading.  Linda , Ontario Canada

Mussi you are great so genuine and to the point you ask no questions and need no answers and you always give it your all to the reading. You have validated things through the reading always so show your always connected and you never sugar coat things which I love.  You have given me courage to stand up for myself and show me direction in life so glad I found you and I will highly recommend Mussi to anyone.  Regards Sunita xxx

I had a fantastic reading with Mussilady.  The information she brought through from spirit was absolutely amazing and accurate.   I feel a sense of comfort and reassurance from both her and spirit.  Mussi is 100% accurate and the real deal.  I highly recommend and would go back many times again.  Many Blessings xxx NexusPhase.

These testimonials are from all around the globe.

Dear Mussi, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information today. I could not believe how accurate you were with details. I will tell my family about us finding peace. I know it is important and my brother would want it. Honestly, I don't think that is going to happen until justice is done....I'm just being honest ma'am. I know that my brother's spirit is around me because I can "feel" his presence. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the compassion and empathy that you felt during this very emotional reading. Thank you from myself and my family. Peace and Love. Namaste.  Colbi Tirey

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