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I link in via  ENERGY,  to give you any Information, any Message, I need to link with YOUR ENERGY.

 (This is linking into your Qi Gong, your inner energy [the inner you], to there linking to your outer Qi, your friends, family and so on), (ASKING YOUR PERMISSION, OF COURSE).

I then connect with my GUIDES, SPIRIT, and TRUE HIGHER SOURCE, that is where I get my information from.  I am simply the mere vessel that passes the messages forward to you, for understanding, clarity and validation.

I also connect to your loved ones above and those that come around me at the time of the reading.

 I FEEL spirits, (Clairsentience),

 I SEE spirits (Clairvoyant),

I HEAR spirit (Clairaudient),

I SMELL spirits  (Clairalience),

I TASTE things what  spirit  liked on the earth plain sometimes (Clairgustance),

being Empathic that is called

(Clair empathy).  

How I Work:

When linking with energy I FEEL and  SEE ailments (if there is any),  and also what a loved one had before they crossed over to the spirit world.  If I do pick up on any ailments that you are not aware off please keep a note of it.

 (I am NOT a doctor, and do not portray to be one, so if I do pick up any ailments that you are not aware of please seek medical advice when possible).