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When the opportunity arises, and opens the door for you to learn and get motivated with your abilities, it is up to you if you wish to take things further or let it slip away. The only person that can give the go ahead is you, to open the doors to your Guides, Higher Realms, and to the spirit world.

Many abilities can start from a young age, (Even starts from the day that you are born) There is no limitation to the fact where and how our abilities start to open up. It could start from our dreams telling us a story, visions awake or sleeping is another, where people travel in their sleep (that is called astral travelling).

There is no right or wrong way of doing it until it happens to you. You are your own flight of the navigator, and if the feeling fits and you are comfortable that is the way for you.  If it be Tarot, Runes stones, Pendulums, Crystals, The Crystal Ball, Flower Readings, also Feathers and last but not least Energy pure Energy.  

You start learning what you get a feeling for, if you’re drawn to Tarot then use Tarot. You ask and listen to your guides they are your teachers. They guide you to your destination point and beyond.

Your Guides can be from all walks of life (Egyptians, Native American, Monks), these are just a few. These few guidelines are just that, guidelines.

You see it through your own eyes you will get a better feel of it when it starts to come alive.

Everyone has their own door keeper, keeping things at bay until you are ready to start to open up and talking to him or her, and then things start to develop over a period of time, and then the door to your own spiritual journey start to open up more and more each time you amaze yourself in a way saying, “why has it taken this long”, “Why did I not notice it before”.

But will say this, when it does start to happen for you, you need to learn to GROUND and PROTECT every day.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  I do not know much about the CHAKRAS but I am still learning on those points, but I know each chakra colour, and each chakras name, and what colour they each are.  But we all learn things a different way and at our own pace.  We get the knowledge when the creator decides when an ability is to come into focus and how we each go about it.

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