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Now I ask of you to start by doing some simple steps by breathing in through your nose and out from your mouth, (If this is difficult and you can only breathe in only one way like breathing in through your nose and out through your nose or breathing in through the mouth and out through the mouth), remember in your mind (breathing in say in your mind RELAX and breathing out RELEASE!! breathing in the positive signs and breathing out the negatives signs) that breathing in I ask of you once you get use to doing the grounding you can then make it stronger by closing your eyes, as these next steps are all visualization..


I want you to now visualize that you are sitting in the middle of a bubble on a big comfy cushion!! This bubble, is your very own bubble of protection and you are seeing this bubble all around you (Top - Bottom) (Right - Left) (Front - Back) to 4 - 5 inches thick, spinning in a clockwise motion.  To make this Protection stronger I want you now to place yourself in your very own safe, you know that safes are strongly built and nothing can get through it. This safe is to have a one time combination and this combination is to be your hand print. I want you to open up the safe doors and step within, once you have done so I ask of you to close the doors behind you and you now can feel that you are protected and to know that nothing can get through the walls.

I want you now to call on mother nature and ask of her to place everyone of her trees that has been planted into mother earth through the century’s. Visualize that you are in front of the largest forest, these trees part way to make an entry for you, to start to float within Mother Nature's finest of trees. You start to float further into the forest until you find the tree that has been calling your name, this tree has opened up its bark for you to float within it, then your tree circles around your sphere. Mother nature is draining all negativity that has been placed upon you knowingly or unknown from another.

From there with all trees they need roots to grow (like yourself you need room to grow), I want you visualize now these roots growing as big, as wide as you can and they are going straight into mother earth’s warm embrace.   Mother Earth is pulling your roots down to be placed into mother Earth’s core removing all anxiety all those stresses that have blocked you from moving forward. All those hidden factors that others have sent to you, that have blocked you in so many ways.  Mother Earth is draining this from you and you start to feel whole again, you start to feel complete. Knowing that all negativity has been washed out placed into mother earth’s core, into the centre of mother earth.

Now you should be feeling very complete knowing that you are back to you once more.

Now that you grounded look below to protect what you have just cleansed.


With each protection that you perform, it is to aim so that you are not bombarded with people's Emotions or Ailments and most importantly for those who try to place or send Negative Vibrations to you.  

To start,  as you have already grounded and still sitting in your bubble, your safe and n your tree. I now ask of you to call upon our Heavenly Father or to who you pray too, and ask for him or her to send their True Higher Positive Vibrational Light of protection down to you now. I ask of you to visualize this Positive Vibrational light to 5 inches thick coming down from the Heavens, seeing this magnificent vibrational light coming down through the clouds, coming down all the way to be placed all the way around your tree [left - right], [front - back], [top - bottom], all the way around and placing it right down in to Mother Earth core.

From there I want you to call upon Archangel Michael to come down from the heavens and stand by your side, now  ask of him to place his VIOLET  FLAME of protection to be placed into mother earth so that from there to start the way around your white vibrational light, these flames are to be an inch to 4  to 5 inches thick, waving back and forth with no gaps within them. I want you to ask him to sore these flames all the way back up around your vibrational light leaving no spaces for anything to reach within you, placing these flames all the way back up to the heavens.  You are now protected.  Do this protection everyday when you wake up knowing that you will be protected from those that you meet or pass every day positive or negative.

With each Grounding and Protection that you do, builds and strengthens the elements within you and to the outer exterior the force of protection to be as strong as you can reach it and beyond.

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