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Is it possible to see what is unknown to others? Can you look into the past and see the future? Is it possible to be a clairvoyant? The clairvoyant (they can be male or female, but we shall use the masculine for easier reading) predicts the future. In this case, seeing is foreseeing. If you see a clairvoyant at work you will notice that to support his predictions, he often begins be revealing situations or circumstances relating to the past, or refers to people who were close to the subject and who, whether alive or no longer living, remain close to the person.

The clairvoyant is not satisfied with only predicting or foreseeing, but he carries out a kind of exploration of our memory, from which he seems to draw intimate images of our past life, which are unknown to him. In this case, what you are observing is commonly called "recognition", that is to say, the knowledge of the past. The clairvoyant will then begin to use his powers to see and foresee future events connected to the subject. This is called "foreknowledge" or "precognition" (from the Latin, prae, which means in advance, and cognoscere, to know). How is this phenomenon possible?


This prayer can help you open, or increase your ability to see psychically.  For extra clairvoyant power, hold a clear quartz crystal up to your third eye (the area between your two brows) while saying this prayer:

            “Divine light, please enter my third eye and fill it with illumination, clarity, and the ability to clearly see across the veil. Powerful Apollo, I thank you for opening my third eye! Archangels Haniel, Jeremiel, Raphael, and Raziel, I thank you for your magical Divine energies and assistance with my spiritual sight now! Victorious Horus, thank you for stationing your eye in front of my own, so that I may see multi dimensionally like you! Beloved Kuan Yin, I thank you for sending me energy from your third eye to my own so that I may see love in everything and everyone! Dearest Sulis, thank you for involving the power of my clairvoyant energy!  I thank you all for fully opening me up to see truth, beauty, light, and eternal life!”

Can we pick up the thoughts of others or transmit our own to another person?

Certainly. But are we fit to exercise this power?

It was an Englishman, by the name of Myers, who, towards the end of the 19th Century, was the first to give the phenomenon of thought transmission the name of Telepathy, formed from the Greek words (tele), meaning “distant” and (pathos), which can be translated as “experience undergone, affection, emotion of the soul, misfortune, what happens”.

So, first of all, telepathy refers to a phenomena - which you can call “pseudo” - scientific, because it can only be partly proved from a scientific point of view - and which is closer to that which Carl Gustav Jung called synchronicity, i.e. “Simultaneous occurrence between two events or actual incidents”.  So, in it’s original principal, telepathy is about sensations or emotions, which two people can experience, at a distance from each other, exactly at the same moment and which the transmit to each other perhaps by the power of thought.

There is no evidence that mentality of modern man is sufficiently generous and evolved to able to control the phenomenon of thought transmission and to be able to use it freely.  Indeed, imagine what would happen if certain people of evil intent, whose intensity and power of thought were enhanced or dominant, had the chance to influence the chose, ideas, convictions and acts of others, who had a power of thought which was weaker, more easily influenced or more malleable?  

So, before we get to preoccupy about controlling and communicating out thoughts, lets us first try to understand them better.

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