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Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life.  They’re responsible for helping us fulfil the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. .Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.

Who are these Guides - Guardian Angels? Some guides will stay with you throughout your entire life, and others will pop in every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or goals you are trying to achieve.  Guardian Angels are there at all times but will not come to you unless you ask them forward. These guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves.

How do guides and guardian angels help us? Sending signs: Guides can arrange synchronicity to help alert you to something you need to see or know about…Gut feelings: Guides can poke you in the gut when you’re experiencing something they want you to pay attention to. Following your gut feelings is probably a good idea…..Intuitive insight: Guides can send you flashes of intuition which may sound like a voice in your head…..Watch for signs.  Ask your guides for what you want and then watch for signs that you’ve been heard….Your guardian angel is there all the time, waiting and hoping for you to start to listen to it. It has in fact, been touching you all along, willing you to realise that it is there.  

How do you connect with your guides directly? Wouldn’t it be great if your guides could just call you on the phone and tell you what’s coming in your future, or tell you to look out for a guy named Joe, or that your child needs you and you should get to them right away?  For some people that’s quite nearly how it works.  It just takes time and practice to be able to hear, see, or feel your guides.

Meditate: Do a meditation where you imagine yourself going to a room or a garden and ask your guides to appear before you, sit with you, and chat.

Dream: One of the best ways to meet and connect with your guides is to meet them halfway.  Open your dream up to them.  You can put out the intention every night to see and connect with your guides in your dreams.

Root  Chakra - Red

Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.

There are seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others. Using the seven colours of the spectrum, Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body's energy centres/chakras and also to help stimulate our body's own healing process.  Colour Therapy uses colour to re-balance the Chakras that have become depleted of energy.

Colour therapy can be shown to help on a physical level; however there are deeper issues around the colours on the psychological and spiritual levels. Colour has a profound effect on us on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If our energy centres become blocked or depleted, then our body cannot function properly and this, in turn, can lead to a variety of problems on any level.

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Utilization of creative forces into all aspects of being. High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.

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Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Assimilation experience. Digestion. Positive use of personal power. Manifest Goals.

Heart Chakra - Green

Release emotionally suppressed trauma. Soul/Heart consciousness,expressing love in action.

Throat Chakra - Blue

Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth through power of the spoken word.

Crown Chakra - Violet

Personal identification with infinite. Oneness with God. Peace. Wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo

Indigo – Clearing subconscious to channel intuition. Purple – balanced state of mind. See Divine perfection in all things. Devotion.

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